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General Information

SPS Student Records Department is responsible for the archiving of student permanent records of former SPS students.  SPS is now offering a convenient and secure website for the following request types: 

  1. Current High School students may request Official copies of their High School Transcript (for college, scholarships, etc.) via this tool.
    • Orders for transcripts to be sent to more than 2 colleges may be rejected.
      • Please work with staff at your school if you are applying to multiple colleges or organizations. Existing processes/applications at the school are designed to support you and your college application efforts.
  2. Former students can request transcripts, copies of diplomas and other student records.
  3. Corporations to request graduation verifications and records.

Please note, if you are the parent/guardian of a current Elementary School or Middle School student and need your child's educational records, contact your child's school for copies of their educational records (Elementary Progress Reports, Academic History, Enrollment History, Attendance, etc.). Please reach out to the school via email.  Basic contact information for all schools can be found on the School Contacts page. 

Per District policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) student records are only available to those who have authorization from the student or parent, guardian or responsible person if the student is under 18 years of age. If the student is 18 years of age or older, school records will not be released to a parent, guardian, or responsible person without the student’s written consent. Official records will be denied to the requester if there are outstanding fines associated with the student's record. 


Important Information:

  • Student records requests will be processed within 3-5 business days from the time the request is received. Orders with Express Processing selected, will be prioritized and processed within 24 hours.
    • These response times depend on if and when a government-issued photo id or release documentation is provided. 
  • All requests for student records/information will be submitted and paid for online using a credit or debit card.  
    • For those unable to pay by credit or debit card, we will accept a money order made out to Seattle Public Schools (See ONLINE PAYMENT OPTIONS below). 
    • Phone, mail, or fax requests will no longer be accepted, but please reach out to us via 'Let's Talk' if the cost of the records being requested is a problem.
  • About Delivery:
    • All records are fulfilled electronically whenever possible.
    • Orders that require delivery will be shipped using standard US Mail, including International Orders. We do not expedite/track deliveries.
    • If you are having transcripts delivered to an institution or college and the address that auto-populates for an institution is incorrect, please select Address Type: ‘Other’ and manually enter the address.  
    • Please note that some institutions accept ‘electronic’ delivery – in those cases, we will deliver an official electronic copy of your transcript. If you require us to deliver an official paper copy of your transcript instead of an electronic copy, please select Address Type: ‘Other’ and manually enter the address.
  • You will receive emails from to notify you of the status of your order. It is important you read those emails carefully as additional information may be required to process your request. 


Please note that this website is optimized for IE 9.0 and higher, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

 All requests will be checked for accuracy. Any inaccurate information may result in your record not being processed. All communication with regard to your order, payment, our progress, and the records delivery will be sent via email.

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The Following May Be Requested by Alumni: must meet ALL requirements
High School Transcript $11.00 per copy
Verification of Graduation $16.00 per copy
Elementary Progress Report $5.00 per copy
Academic History (Middle School) $5.00 per copy
Diploma $26.00 per copy
Personal Verification of Enrollment History $16.00 per copy


Post-secondary institutions require OFFICIAL transcripts.  Students that have graduated within TWO years may contact their last school of attendance to order their student records. Or they can use the 'Current' Student option to order 'Transcripts'. 

Express Processing is available for your order to be processed by the next business day - $10.00



  • Credit or Debit Card.  This is a secured option to pay the application fee online with a credit or debit card.  There will be a $4.00 convenience fee attached to each order.
  • Money Order.  A money order is to be used as an alternative to the online payment by selecting "Pay by Money Order" at the bottom of the form.  Cash and checks will not be accepted.  The money order must be made out and delivered to "Seattle Public Schools" along with a copy of your receipt or order number.  The delivery address can be found in the contact information below.  Your order will not be processed until the money order is received.
  • Please reach out to us via our Let's Talk Contact Form if the cost of the records you need is prohibitive (diplomas excluded). 



  • Electronic Delivery.  Requests to colleges/institutions will be fulfilled electronically if the organization has indicated they accept Electronic records. 
    • If you are requesting records to distribute 'personally' and would like to receive your records electronically, please make sure to select the Electronic Copy emailed to Requester Information Type(s). All electronic records can be forwarded to 3rd parties and verified for authenticity by visiting You are responsible for ensuring that the receiving party will accept 'electronic' copies that are sent by you. If you are not sure, identify the school/organization in the Delivery Address menu and do NOT select the Electronic Copy option. 
  • Mail.  You may request to have your record to be delivered via US Mail.  If you are sending to a post-secondary institutions (college, community college, university, or trade school), it is recommended to use the auto-populated address.  Seattle Public Schools will send certified PDF transcripts to participating post-secondary institutions.  

The Following May NOT Be Requested:
  • TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED: We cannot provide records for current students or former students who graduated within the past 2 years

For More Information, Contact:

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Seattle, WA 98124-1165

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